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While our front- and back-end solutions work well together, Rapid Fabric has had great success consulting with clients on either one of these, whether our team members have helped a client with front-end architecture and design, or worked as part of a larger development team as extra development horsepower. Our services are available to supplement other teams with large efforts to undertake.

Front-End Consulting and Design

We keep our design practices on the cutting-edge. Rapid Fabric designs beautiful interfaces, and can help create a brand or refine an existing one. We also design responsively by default. Designing this way makes the front-end more challenging, and so, we are as passionate about utilizing the latest adaptive front-end best practices as we are with back-end technology. All this knowledge can be leveraged for your project if you require awesome aesthetics and the technical expertise to build it future-friendly.

We can help your team define a project’s goals, features and user stories. We can help architect the site map, organize content and craft a content strategy. We can deliver wireframes, style tiles, coded CSS and even Django templates for an entire site, ready for your team to build out — and we can continue to consult and project manage along the way. Multiple navigation patterns, touch-optimization, adaptive image solutions, and feature-based progressive enhancement are all within our wheelhouse.

Rapid Fabric worked very closely with our developers to design a professional looking page for the video channel, thus allowing us to deliver an error-free functioning tool. Further, they even presented on this project during our quarterly review, in front of the entire Corporate Marketing team.

— Paola Dovera, Director Marketing, SAP

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